If Eye Ruled The World Giclée Print by Mike Rubendall

If Eye Ruled The World Giclée

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  • Original artwork by Mike Rubendall printed on fine, heavy 180gsm Hahnemühle paper.
  • Giclée prints are made using rich, deep "100 year" lightfast pigment.

Size: 12" x 15"

12" x 15"
12" x 15"

Version: Standard

Signed by Mike Rubendall
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  • Serpent = Devil/Satan, Enemy, Deceit
  • Clouds = Unseen God
  • Earth = Spiritual Faith, Church, Shelter
  • Smoke = Vanity, Impermanence, Wrath of God
  • Circle = Eternity
  • Sun = Christ
  • Water = Cleansing, Purifying, New Beginning
  • Crescent Moon = Glory, Victory over Sin, Death
  • Eye = Inner Vision, Eye of God, Infinite Holiness
  • Blood = Sacrifice

Though I was raised Catholic, and it kept me in line throughout my childhood, it will make my mother cringe to hear that I'm not a particularly religious adult. I have, however, always had this insane fascination with Christian art.

The caliber of the artists and their craftsmanship was like no other. They had this innate ability to communicate through their art, using signs and symbols to tell stories and pass on meaningful religious concepts in the most beautiful of ways.

Christians, like those from many other religions, utilized symbolism and iconography to translate the meaning of a message and make it more accessible to the mind.

Tattoo artists can relate to this concept, as it's often our job to speak through our art without the use of words.